Treatment counsel

Patients will be comfortable with safe cutting edge 3D computer guided implant surgery.

More accurate surgery, less surgery time through 3D computer guided surgery.

Faster recovery, less pain by flapless surgery.

More natural and healthy neighboring teeth with computer customized abutment.

Bring the beauty to your life on right that day of the implant surgery.

Why Zirconia?


Zirconia > Titanium > Gold Many articles report the high-compatibility of zirconia. It is guaranteed long-term safety by maintaining neighboring teeth healthily, minimalizing infection.

Highly esthetics:

– No metal exposed! It’s highly esthetic because all the materials are made from Zirconia, not be seen metal part except the connection part.

– Don’t worry about gingival recession! After loading final prosthesis appliance, you don’t have to worry about gingival retraction caused from metal margin at all.

 Convenient, long-term maintenance:

  Supra margin: Prosthesis process will be more convenient by reducing chair time. All margins can be shaped as Supra margin which makes prep and impression process easy.

  No Remaining cement: You can release the stress of the peri-implantitis by removal of the remaining cement perfectly after loading prosthesis appliance setting seeing the margin directly.

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